With this petition, citizens of countries all over Europe wish to express their concerns relating the current handling of the COVID-19 crisis in their respective countries and the position the European Union has taken in this regard.

  1. Freedom of movement – No Digital Green Certificate: The implementation of a EU COVID-19 certificate (the so-called Digital Green Certificate) is not an appropriate solution to the current travel restrictions most European countries have implemented under the guise of national health measures. These restrictions are disproportionate and should be abandoned alltogether, making a “vaccine passport” redundant.
  2. Reinstate constitutional laws: In order to be democratic, all Member States of the EU must reinstate the constitution above other laws and decrees that contradict it. Failing this, the European Union must, as a last resort, use Article 7 to initiate proceedings against those Member States that refuse to comply.
  3. Freedom of demonstration: Demonstrations are often most needed when they are restricted. The European Parliament should investigate the excessive use of violence by police forces encountered by peaceful protesters in several European countries. It is up to the people, not the government, to decide at what moment either democracy or public health should prevail as their primary value.
  4. Freedom of press and impartial coverage: A new law is required to prevent pressure groups from having too much influence on government policy. There should be a maximum amount of airtime allocated to a particular person, interest group or discipline. When more than 0,2% of the population of a nation or region signs a petition, media should broadcast a live debate about the subject.

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