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We at EuropeansUnited stand for 3 things: Democracy, Human Rights, and Respect for the Constitution.

Democracy under threat

For too long, our governments have been taking unlawful measures that restrict our freedom. With the excuse of a worldwide pandemic, they propose law after law without any regard to human rights or constitutions. Nearly all of our democratic values are threatened. It almost feels like the worst disease we imported from China was not the virus, but totalitarianism.

False excuses to justify deviation from democratic rule of law

The past year, we’ve heard so many excuses as to why our beloved democratic rules can’t be respected. After more than a year, you can no longer speak of a sudden, unexpected event. Speed isn’t the issue here either. In reality, whenever a European country decided to bypass parliament, the rules came into effect much more slowly and they were less well thought out.

Public debate vs polarisation

Whenever you turn on the news, another expert blames a certain group of people for the spreading of the virus. People who don’t follow the measures, children, students,… and so on and so on. Meanwhile, the polarization has affected almost all corners of our society. Families are torn apart, friendships crumble. Anger, disrespect and verbal violence have become the norm.

Most laws are simply passed with little to no public debate. In fact, there hasn’t been any large public debate about the measures whatsoever. If we are so convinced of the truth, is it really that hard to defend it? We on the other hand would love to defend our democratic values in any public debate, if there’s a media network brave enough to broadcast it.

The value of democracy

There can never be an excuse to abandon democracy. A dictatorship has a 100% infection fatality rate. Public debate is the perfect vaccine for polarisation.

People, we need to learn to talk again!


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