Promo material of 25/06 will be sent until 06/06!

On this page, you can order stickers and flyers through the form below. You can select the amount as well as the language of the promo material. We offer these stickers and flyers in Dutch, English, French and German.

Flyers and black and white stickers we send for free but because the color stickers are costly and we are only sponsored by our team members and volunteers, we will have to ask 20€ for 50 and 35€ for 100 stickers from now on. Thanks for your understanding. Please pay the appropriate amount by bank transfer to: IBAN BE44 6718 0766 7945 / BIC EURBBE99. Be sure to put your name in the reference, so we can check your payment. Or click our gofundmecampaign:

If you want your stickers and/or flyers in multiple languages, please fill in the form twice or more.

Would you like to print the promo material yourself? Click on the button below:

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