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United We Stand

Video on our YouTube Channel about the WHO

This very short 6 minute documentary explains the controversy about the World Health Organisation (the WHO) and explains why there is so much opposition against the WHO and the pandemic treaty from inside the movement for democracy.

It’s meant as an introduction for people who are new to the subject. We have only used information from official sources and newspapers.

We hope it will inspire people to look into the subject in depth.

München 18/02 Livestream

Our demonstration for peace, 18th of Februari 2023, was a huge succes with around 50.000 participants. 💪

Thank you for everyone who was there and stood up for peace ❤️

On our YouTube channel you can find many videos about our previous demonstrations.

Video of the Million March in Brussels on Jan. 23, 2022:

For Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights,


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