18 September: Fusion Freedom Festival 🥳

12 Hengelhoef, Houthalen

In September, EuropeansUnited will focus on helping the Fusion Freedom Festival. This is a free festival with workshops and animation, where organisations for democracy from all over Europe can introduce themselves to the public with gentle music in the background. The idea is to bring both existing and emerging initiatives closer to the people. For people further away, there is accommodation available.

Almost every region in Europe has its own groups of people working hard to organise actions that promote democracy and human rights, but it’s often hard to reach the people, as censorship has become a reality during the pandemic. Fusion wants to offer those initiatives, however small, a free platform to make themselves known and grow. This way democracy and human rights will be promoted bottom-up in our societies.


22 Oktober: Demonstration For Democracy

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United We Stand

Video van ons YouTube kanaal over de WHO

Een video van onze demonstratie op 29 mei in Brussel (Duits):

Een video van onze demonstratie op 11 september in Brussel:

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